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Bonjour Sanitary Products Co.,Ltd. Is a professional modern enterprise in sanitary field. It’s specialized in designing,researching and developing,manufacturing and marketing health-care sanitary products for babies, adults and women. Its products mainly include baby diapers, baby pull-ups, wet wipes, women’s sanitary pads, adult diapers, adult pull-ups, as well as medical underpads.


Bearing in mind the business policy “regarding quality as groundwork,building up market by brand”,Bonjour keeps introducing advanced skills and machines from Italy and Japan.Strict quality control system, along with ISO 9001 certificate,makes Bonjour’s products hot sellers in Europe,America,Africa,Asia and so on.

As to the private brand strategy,Bonjour’s international marketing channels have already come into effect.In Europe and Africa, Bonjour has already authorized more than 20 agents for BestStar Baby Diapers /Wet Wipe,Rosemary Sanitary Pads, Ananda Adult Diapers /Underpads and other export brands.In addition, Bonjour has established long-term business relationship with more than 50 clients. Meanwhile,it has also achieved great performance in the domestic market. Faced with fierce competition,Bonjour insists on viewing innovation in technology,products,management and market as its lifelong mission and responsibility.

To create more happiness,health and love for the world,Bonjour will spare no effort to bring good products as well as good service to the customers.


☆Corporate Vision

Care for every family,maintain healthy lives

Corporate Values

Provide customers worldwide with high-quality,affordable,secure and innovative items.

Corporate spirit

Survival the priority,Development the focus

Rapid response,Precise implementation

Smooth teamwork,Win-win relationship

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