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What is Bonjour?

Guangzhou Bonjour Sanitary Products Co.,Ltd. is branch company of Quanzhou Bonjour Sanitary Products Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as Bonjour), which is a professional manufacturer committed to the baby and adult care products, aiming to care for each family at home and abroad.

The beginning of legend

Established in 2009, we aimed to develop an industrial and trading enterprise with our own set of design, production, marketing, as well as brand operations.

The birth of BestStar

Year 2011 was a significant monument for Bonjour, since it’s best-seller "BestStar" series of baby diaper was born in that year. BestStar grew with Bonjour all these years and had become a well-known brand of baby diapers.

To keep up with the times

Half a year after the birth of BestStar, "Rosemary" series for females and "Ananda" series for adults came into the world.

" Customers are the first, Efficiency is the first "

Currently, our factory has been equipped with six automatic and high-speed production lines and advanced technology, and has employed more than 50 staff, with our production capacity about 10 million bags and annual purchase amount reaching 16 million US dollars. The stable productivity, fast delivery, and three-year warranty promise make our consumers assured and comfortable. We will be continuing to pursue products with a safer, better quality, and more environmentally-friendliness while strongly committed to the innovation with regard to technologies, products, management, and marketing.

“Survival is the priority; Development matters”

Now Bonjour has more than 20 agents in Europe, Asia, Middle East as well as Africa, hot sales in more than 70 countries, and stable business relationships with over 50 clients worldwide.
We are sincerely looking for modes of cooperation that keep up with the times, and welcome any ambitious friends to join us. We will devote ourselves to creating a new image in the use of personal care products for our customers worldwide with the spirit of “Honesty is the basis; Innovation is the soul; Excellence is the goal”.

Corporate Vision

Care for every family, maintain healthy lives.

Corporate Values

Provide customers worldwide with high-quality, affordable, secure and innovative items.

Corporate Mission

For consumers: provide them with items beyond the price in value. For staff: Provide excellent working environment good for their growth and promotion.
To partners: provide profound cooperation and create a shared marketing platform.

Corporate Spirit

Survival the priority, Development the focus;
Rapid response, Precise implementation;
Smooth teamwork, Win-win relationship.

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